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It's raining, will after school clubs be cancelled tonight?

Clubs are never cancelled due to bad weather. The children will instead take part in fun activities in the classroom.

How often will the teacher hear my child read?

The teachers aim to ensure that the children who are not yet fluent, read once a fortnight on a 1:1 basis to an adult in school.  Some children may be part of a group to help with their understanding of the text.  All children have a daily reading lesson for 30 minutes each day.

My child has special needs: what will the school do to help him/her?

Your child's teacher will place him/her on Stage 1 of the Government's Code of Practice if s/he has a concern about his/her ability to make progress in an area of the curriculum, or wider school life. The teacher will then set some separate targets for your child. If Mr Hinton the school's Special Needs Manager (SENCO), feels that your child has more urgent needs, she will place him/her on a higher stage - this will see him/her receive additional support in school. Mr Hinton will write to you if this is the case.

What is 'Miss A Play'?

Our definition of a Miss A Play is the loss of ten minutes of a breaktime either with a Head of Year or a member of the Senior Managment Team. A child in Miss A Play will have their name recorded in the Miss A Play book; and their parents will receive a letter telling them about this.

How often will my child receive a Crown Certificate?

Most children receive a Crown certificate each term in recognition for ten crowns received.

Can my family have another ticket for the Christmas production please?

Sorry, but each family is restricted to two tickets each year. We simply don't have enough space in the hall to offer additional tickets. There may be spare tickets on the day and if you phone the school office that morning, they will try to help.

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