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Years 5, 4 and 3 History Off The Page Workshops


 Last week saw Years 3, 4 and 5 enjoy visits from the Saxons, Greeks and Ancient Egyptians!  It was great to see the children dressed up and taking part in lots of different activities from crafts such as making pots to acting and even writing using ink made by the children themselves.

One parent helper said, 'An excellent, well organised and thought provoking day.  The children engaged with every activity and had fun along the way.  The banquet was a joy to watch.  A real team effort!'

Another parent helper commented, 'The day was very well run with lots of resources and activities for the children to choose.  I'm glad I helped out as I learnt a few things too!'

A big thank you goes to Miss Soo, our History manager who organised the week for us and to all the parents who gave their time to help.  I think they really enjoyed it too!



Christmas Production and Carol Service





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There were also some lovely photos taken at the venue which you can see if you click the pictures below:

 Here is the chessboard we won, signed by British and World Chess Champions Nigel Short and Lawrence Trent! 

Did you know that Lawrence Trent grew up two roads down from our school?





‘Today, we travelled by bus to the Town Hall in Romford and met the Mayor. We also got to try on the robes and hold the mace.’

Lila-May 4S

‘First we went to the Council chambers and Tate got to wear the robes and hold the mace. We asked lots of questions. Then we went into a room and had some cake and got a bear badge!’

Ava S 4F

 ‘It was a pleasure meeting the Mayor (also known as Councillor Linda Van Den Hen). The best part was when we got to speak through the microphone and ask questions.’

Bolu O 6AT

‘Today, we went to the Town Hall. We met the Mayor and asked some questions. I got to wear the robes and hold the mace…it was very heavy! After we ate cakes and learnt some interesting facts.’

Tate H 5G


I hope that you enjoy your weekend!

Mark Patient








At school the pupils have been thinking about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.


Each class have been writing some poems and we have again displayed these at the front of the school for people to read.


We hope that you enjoy reading them and Our thanks go to everyone who helped produce this wonderful display of respect and consideration.


In Flanders Fields

the poppies proudly grow.

Always blowing to and fro.

I’m very grateful for the soldiers too

They sacrificed their lives for you

Lucy N 6AT


 Thank you so much,

We owe you our lives

In Flanders Fields the poppies grow.

They grow and grow

on the soldiers’ souls

We will remember you in our heart

Our heart will always remember you

We will always think of you…

On the 11th day,

on the 11thmonth,

on the 11th hour

Luke S 5G


I hope that you have a nice weekend!

Mark Patient


 Halloween Fun!


Thank you to our school PTA for organising the Halloween parties on Monday.

There were some amazing costumes and the pupils had a chance to win prizes playing games and exploring mystery boxes. Thanks to you all, we have raised £690.34 so far which will go towards new sound equipment and lighting for the school. Photos from the night will be available next week for 50p each. We hope you had a Spook-tacular time!

Please stay safe if you are enjoying fireworks this weekend!

Mark Patient


Super Safety Show


This week Year 3 and 4 were treated to a Road Safety Show in the school hall.


‘We learnt about the types of crossings. There are Zebra, Pelican, Puffin, Toucan and Pegasus. Our school crossing is a Pelican crossing because it works when someone presses a button. The show was great because the man told some really funny jokes.


Phoebe A 4H

‘I’m not the type of person who laughs at anything, but this made me laugh a lot! The magic could have been better, but the show was good.’

Cilay O 4S


I wonder if you can spot some of the other types of crossings this week?

Mark Patient



Fun at the Church

As part of their Religious Education studies, Year 4 visited the Good Shepherd Church last week.

We would once again like to thank Marcus and his team for having us and making us feel so welcome.

‘When we went to the Good Shepherd we did lots of activities including: answering questions about the church, putting prayer words in the right order and thinking about who we might like to thank. We also played a game called over and under.’

Marie M 4H

 ‘The trip to the Good Shepherd was amazing! We got to go around the church and do different activities. We also got a drink and a bourbon biscuit!’

Daisy W 4H

‘I had fun at the Good Shepherd. We did three activities; one was with lego, one quiz and the last one about the Lord’s Prayer. I hope that we can go again soon!’

Vilte B 4S 


I hope that you have a nice weekend!

Mark Patient



Year 3's First Week at Crownfield Junior School!


Sammi – 3K

‘Crownfield Junior has been great, even from the very first day.  I’ve really enjoyed learning about patterns.’


 Zohra – 3K

‘My buddy was very kind and I’ve really loved all my lessons so far.  I loved creating my own avatar character in ICT!’


 George – 3F

‘My buddy has been really helpful this week.  He told me to put my pencil back when I accidentally took it with me into the playground.’


 Harry – 3W

‘My favourite lesson has been Maths this week, I loved learning using triangles.  My buddy was also very friendly, playing with me every day and making sure we never lost each other.’

3F investigating patterns during Art

3K experimenting with magnets during Science 

3W exploring different artefacts in History 


Welcome Back!


We hope that you had a nice summer and managed to spend some quality time with your family and friends.


The pupils looked very smart today and have been very well behaved.


Everyone seems to have really enjoyed their day!



Expansion  Proposals

As you know there continues to be a shortage of school spaces across the country and many Havering schools have had to take more than their admission numbers to help cope with the situation.  

A while ago, Crownfield Infants and Juniors were approached to explore the possibility of expanding our schools to 4 form entry and we have worked very closely with the Borough to consider some of the issues that the schools could face with expansion. Several meetings with pupils, staff, governors and parents have been held and we are pleased that the proposed plans seem to be very encouraging and should enable us to continue to deliver a high standard of education to our pupils.

The Local Authority are now publishing the Statutory notice for the expansion of our schools for a period of 4 weeks. This is the final opportunity for parents and stakeholders to comment on the proposals. 

We would urge you to think very carefully about the proposals and take the time to submit any comments or concerns that you may have. A procedure for making representations is detailed in the notice and full proposal below. The end of the consultation period is 3rd February 2017.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look through the proposals. The future of our school is extremely important to all of us and it is vital that your voices are heard.



Full Expansion Proposal


Statutory Notice




Year 4

As part of the Good to Be Green Reward, Year 4 had a Teddy Bear Picnic on the field. Children were treated to ice cream and got to play various games all morning.













Year 6 Annual Trip to Stubbers

Children visited Stubbers and had a fabulous time, they got to participate in various team building activities. The best activity was raft building as they got to go for a swim to cool down.







Year 6 Residential Trip





Once again, we were treated to an amazing show full of talent! There were a great variety of acts and the audience was terricfic too. Well done to all the pupils who took part and helped and thank you to Mr Terry, out site manager, who did a fantastic job putting the show together. If you where inspired this year make sure you start working on your act for next years auditions!


Reach for the Stars




After the success of last year’s Aspirations Day, we decided this year to have ‘Aspirations Week.




The idea behind the week is to give the pupils opportunities to meet a wide range of people with different professions and research, explore and learn about possible careers for the future. 

Pupils have been thinking of questions to ask the visitors and then gathering ideas and presenting information. Each year group made a display and there was an opportunity to look at some work and photographs from the week in the hall after school on Friday. Thank you to Terry and her team for providing refreshments.

Here are just some of the organisations/professionals that we have met this week:

Dog’s Trust, Network Rail, Doctor, entrepreneur, Para trooper, Firemen, Havering College, Nurse, TV Producer, Musical Director, Law Graduate, Police Officers, Andrew Rosindell (MP), Scientist Entomologist, Risk Analysis(Mike Mullin) BMX World Champion!     


Quiz Whizzzzzzz!

 5 of our Year 6 pupils went to Branfil School to compete in the Annual Borough Quiz. The pupils did extremely well and came second overall. They are now through to the next round and they are already brushing up even more on their general knowledge! Thank you to Mrs Horne, our Deputy Headteacher who has been working with the pupils and well done. 

’The quiz was amazingly fun and Branfil and St Josephs were really good sports. The toughest question was how to spell ‘crystalise’. I was so lucky because I was chosen to be team captain and the team worked really well together.’

Shakira B 6N

Our school choir performed at the O2 Arena at the Young Voices Concert on Tuesday 17th January. The performances are some of the largest choir concerts in the world,over 7,000 pupils were taking part, they where amazing!      


New Prefects…Ready for Duty!

This Term we have 10 new Prefects who have been chosen from Year 6 to help with the smooth running of the school day. Their duties include feeding the fish, organising Lost Property, distributing milk and being Playleaders. They have already proved to be extremely reliable and helpful and we are now on the lookout for any more Year 6 pupils who the teachers feel would make good Prefects.


Well done to you all!





A ‘Beast’ of a show!’



In December all of our pupils have had the opportunity to perform in our Annual School Production. The pupils where amazing and all performed brilliantly and we are very proud of them all! We would also like to say thank you to any staff, parents, grandparents or relatives who have organised costumes or helped the children to learn their lines. We could not possibly put on a show without your support.

Thank you for all your kind donations. Together we managed to raise £451.05 for Children in Need 2016, thats a huge £105.46 more than last year! This money will help hundreds od children who are disadvantaged.

Well Done everyone!!


Wow, Thank you!

Recently the School Council suggested that each class should have a Lego box for indoor playtime.  After we asked for your donations of Lego we were delighted to be able to deliver a box to every class this week! 

The Tempest

On Wednesday 19th October Year 6 took part in a Shakespeare workshop, they got involed in acting out  scenes from William Shakespeare's Tempest which they are going to see in November.

 'Just before half-term, Year 6 had some Shakespeare Workshops. We did the Tempest and it was really fun because even though I didn't have a main role, I got to play many parts. We had the best time ever! Catalina 6AW


 The Pupils have been busy voting on who their new Class Council representatives will be. A Councillor and Vice Councillor have been chosen from each class. Each class has a suggestion box and once a month, the pupils vote for their favourite suggestions which the council then discuss. After each meeting the council feed back to the whole school in assembly and inform them of the decisions that they have made. 

Road Safety Show

This week year 3 and 4 watched a very important road safety show.  The show gave the children an important message and they enjoyed being part of the show.


It’s Cat’s birthday and she’s got a brand new Scooter. But there’s a problem. Common sense never came in the box! Her street-cred attitude lands her in Deepest Trouble and with the clock ticking, Cat, along with the children, go on a quest to find the answers to a safer lifestyle on the road.



Roald Dahl, the famous children's authour, would have celebrated his 100th Birthday on Tuesday 13th September, pupils and staff dressed up as their favorite characters from his books.

We had a huge mixture of fantastic costumes, from ladybirds and fantastic foxes to twits and blueberries, everyone enjoyed the days activities.



Rocket Science


The Science Museum visited Year 5 for some workshops. Children learnt about blood and launching rockets. 


  Slowest Bike Competition

Part of our Walk to School Week activites, during Lunch Time children competed for the slowest pedal around the cycle track.


Winners were:

1st – Richard W 6N – 2 minutes 46 seconds

2nd – Towa M 3S – 2 minutes 39 seconds

3rd – Anya G 3W – 2 minutes 26 seconds



We are delighted to annouce the launch of an online reading scheme called Bug Club. The software allows children to read using a computer, laptop, tablet in a fun, interactive way! The children answer questions as they read and accurate answers win coins for them to use in the virtual worlds! 

This website (Activelearn) also has a maths programme for children to play fun games and activities that will reinforce topics that your child has been learning.

Follow the link below to access these fantastic resources. Don't forget to have your username, password and school code ready.


 Christmas Carol Service

Pupils performing at our annual Christmas Concert.


Happy 60th Crownfield!

To celebrate Crownfield turning 60, former and current staff, pupils, and parents attended  the reunion night.

Some pupils shared their fondest CJS memories on our memory wall:

‘Planting trees around the fence of the field saying in years to come they will be so tall. When we planted them, they were around 30cm high!’

Donna Nash 1984 -1991

‘The lovely warm milk each morning…yum! The freezing cold swimming pool! Country dancing  - I loved it but the outfits were itchy and not very flattering!’

Allison Bradford – left 1977


50s Themed Day


Year 3 performing 'The Jive'.



Year 4 Exploring London

Year 4 children spent the day on a bus tour of London.


Olympic Torch

Currently the replica Olympic Torch is at our school, we used it to kick off our event. 


Student Council 

Each class has selected their Class Councillor and Vice Councillor. There is a suggestion box in all classrooms and once a month, the pupils vote for their favourite suggestions which the council then discuss.


Lunchbox rules:

There seems to have been some confusion about what pupils can and cannot have in their lunchbox.

Currently our guidelines are very simple:

  • We do not allow fizzy drinks

  • We do not allow sweets (chocolate is currently fine)

  • We encourage you not to have nuts as some pupils have nut allergies

Other than that…feel free to provide a nice balanced lunch of your choice



Your child can bring a snack of fruit to school for breaktimes if they wish.

We also have a healthy snack trolley which is wheeled into the playground each day. Here are some of the items that are available:

Whole fruit/ half fruit (apples, bananas etc.)


If you like your child to come to our fabulous breakfast club then they are very welcome.

Breakfast club starts at 8.00 and you need to wait at reception for the door to open. If there is no-one there, we have a breakfast bell you can ring which calls through to the kitchen.

The pupils must spend a mimimum of £1.00



We are very pleased to report that after our recent Ofsted inspection, Crownfield has been judged as a good school.
Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills. They report directly to Parliament and are independent and impartial. They inspect and regulate services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

'The quality of teaching is good and some is exemplary. The school has introduced robust systems for checking the quality of teaching and provides clear guidance to teachers to help them improve their practice.'

I'm sure you are aware that Ofsted are very thorough and clearly the three inspectors that visited had to find good evidence to support their judgements.

'Pupils' skills in reading and writing are developed well. Pupils are enthusiastic about reading. They enjoy a wide range of children's literature and use different strategies to read unfamiliar words.'

We are all proud of the pupils here and you should all feel proud of how well they demonstrated to the inspectors how polite, well-mannered and attentive they are.

'The good standard of behaviour is in response to high expectations that all are treated with respect and courtesy. It makes a positive contribution to the happy atmosphere in the school.'

I would like to thank all the staff, governors, pupils and parents for their continued support and I hope that we can continue to work hard together in our journey to making our school outstanding.


Staying safe online 


Keeping safe: Being fair

In school, we follow the Zip It, Block It, Flag It code for Internet safety. If you have any concerns or feel you are being cyberbullied, please speak to an adult you trust straightaway.

Lower school children were entertained by a performance of car story this week. The children enjoyed themselves while learning how to stay on their journeys to school.

For more advice on how to help your child stay safe on line just go our ICT page which can be found in the curriculum menu (top right of this page) and select the E-Safety Link.


All children need to learn their times tables. Try some of the websites below. 

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