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Senior Management

Mr Mark Patient - Headteacher

Mrs Gill Horne - Deputy Headteacher


Teacher Class Subject Responsibility
Miss L Wallis 3W

Class teacher

PE and Health

Mrs Fewings 3F

Head of Year 3

Art/Design Technology

Miss N Soo 3S History
Miss S Harries 4H

Head of Year 4


Miss S Fraser 4F Religious Education 
Mrs R Kaggwa 4K Class teacher
Mrs S Strong 5S

Head of Year 5


Mrs D Gordon 5G Aspirations
Mrs S Sanders 5A Gifted and Talented
Mrs G Horne 6H

Deputy Headteacher

Head of Literacy

Mrs Nkwocha 6N Geography

Miss L Whayling

Mrs D Argent




Mrs R Tong



Mr O Haise   Music
Mrs. R Watson   SMSC 
Mr D Hinton   Special Educational Needs 


If you have any questions or concerns, please telephone the school office (747070) to make an appointment to see your child's class or set teacher.

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