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Medium Term Plans | Tips on helping your child to read


Tips For Listening To Your Child Read!


1. Little and Often – Try for 10 - 15 minutes each night in a quiet place, sitting together with no interruptions.

2. Make Reading Enjoyable – Use lots of praise and encouragement. Share and talk about your ideas on the book with your child! If they find something difficult - read it together, explain it and move on.

3. Stuck on a word – Help them to break it down, talk about the sounds they can see in the word or the words in the word!

4. Give them time – If your child mispronounces a word, do not interrupt straight away. Let them read on and then ask them to re-read it. Sometimes they can correct themselves!

5. Strange Words – If a child does not understand a word, ask them to read on and look for clues as to the meaning. If this is not possible, tell them!

6. What is it about? – Ask children to explain in their own words what they have read. Ask about the characters, the story, the information given. Get them to predict what is going to happen next!

7. Wider reading – make sure that your child reads other books in addition to their main school reading book. Visit the Library, read newspapers, magazines, etc.


If your child is struggling with sound words out, maybe try these websites:



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