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Mental Mathemagicians


Help Your Child to become: A Mental Mathemagician!


Your Child needs you...


The majority of the mathematics that we use in our everyday life is done mentally (in our heads) and the ability to do this quickly can have a strong impact on our everyday lives. The government emphasises the importance of mental maths and this forms part of the tests that children take each year in which questions are given to children through a tape or CD. They then have a limited amount of time to write down an answer.


We can make this much easier for children if they are encouraged to learn important mathematical facts by heart, rather than trying to work them out. As a result of this, the school have put together a set of maths facts that children should know by the end of the school year. Your child's maths teacher will give them weekly maths facts to learn which will be tested on a Friday. These will be written in their maths facts book on Mondays.


In order to be successful in developing childrens' mental maths skills throughout the school, it is vital that we have your support. I have attached the list of maths facts that your child will learn in the coming school year, along with some explanations of the mathematical terms and ideas for learning maths facts.



Please don't forget that there are a wealth of interactive maths games and activities on the internet. I have listed a few useful ones below but when the new and improved school website is up and running, we will add links to a wide range of sites to support the learning of maths facts.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries regarding key maths facts or if you would like additional support in helping your child to learn these effectively.


I would like to thank you in advance for your support in helping your child to succeed in mathematics and to develop essential life skills.


Mrs Argent

(Maths manager)


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