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Keeping safe: Being fair


In school, we follow the Zip It, Block It, Flag It code for internet safety. If you have any concerns or feel you are being cyberbullied, please speak to an adult you trust straight away.



In school we use the Thinkuknow resources to help us teach children about e-safety. Below is a link to parents' and carers' guide to the internet. From this webpage you can also follow the links to colourful resources you can use at home with your children.



Childnet is another useful website that provides advice to parents on helping children stay safe with technology. They also provide this information in a variety of languges


Searching the Internet.

In school we encourage the children to ask themselves key questions before they open any webpage.

What do I want to find out?

Will this information be useful?

Who wrote this information?

Can I trust this information?

What information about myself should I give?



Internet safety poster


Internet search guide


Safety advice leaflet


Keeping safe with mobiles


Online information factsheet


Online gaming


Online music advice

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