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2016 was the ­first year of the new key stage 2 tests in maths, reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling. The tests assess children against a national standard. This year’s tests are the ­first tests to reflect the new primary curriculum, which was introduced in 2014.

As this is the fi­rst year of the new tests the results will look different from those of previous years and cannot be compared with them directly. Your child’s results in each test will be reported using a scaled score. A scaled score of 100 represents the expected standard for each test. If your child gets a scaled score of 100 or more it means they are working at or above the expected standard in the subject. If your child gets a scaled score of less than 100 it means that they may need more support to reach the expected standard. The highest scaled score possible is 120, and the lowest is 80. You can ­find more information on scaled scores at

As the new standard is higher than the old one, fewer children have met the new expected standard than the previous standard.

In addition to taking the tests, your child’s teacher will assess how well your child has done during the year in reading, writing, maths and science. Teachers will do this using a framework that describes what a child needs to do to be working at the expected standard in a subject. Your child’s teacher will base their assessment on the work that your child has done in class during years 5 and 6. For children who have completed the key stage 2 curriculum in writing, the teacher assessment will say one of 3 things:

• your child is working towards the expected standard and needs some support to meet national expectations

• your child is working at the expected standard for their age

• your child is working at greater depth within the expected standard and has a strong understanding of the curriculum.

Year 6 SATs Results:


We are very pleased with the percentage of pupils reaching the expected standard in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (75%). This is 5% above National figures and the first time that we have achieved this since SPAG was introduced. Maths attainment is in line with National figures after a slight dip in the previous two years. Although the percentage of pupils at secure for writing is not quite level with National figures, we are confident with our assessments as we were one of the school selected to be moderated by the Borough and attainment in writing Nationally has not been higher than reading or mathematics previously. Reading attainment remains a clear focus and we are already working on identifying and targeting groups and closing the gap here.


The percentages of pupils that achieved a judgement of a high score or working at greater depth was also very pleasing this year and we were above National figures in Maths and reading and in line in reading. Writing is the area that we need to improve here and more pupils need to reach this higher standard this year.


To view the DfE school and college performance tables, go to

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