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Governors - Meet the Governing Body

Name of Governor Term of Office Category of Governor
Craige Brown     Interim Executive Head Teacher
Andy Smith (CHAIR)  11th July 2018 - 10th July 2022 Co-Opted

Andria Scantlebury (VICE CHAIR) (GDPR GOVERNOR)    11th July 2108 - 10th July 2022                                  

Rezarta Trstena  11th July 2018 - 10th July 2022 Partnership
Dorothy Palmer  1st July 2018 - 30th June 2022 LA
Sally Strong  1st July 2018 - 30th June 2022 Staff
Jackie Geary  11th July 2018 - 10th July 2022 Co-Opted
Janet Farrow  11th July 2018 - 10th July 2022 Co-Opted
Sharon Webster 11th July 2018 - 10th July 2022 Co-Opted
Sarah Kushin 5th July 2018 - 4th July 2022 Parent
Gina Mason   1st July 2018 - 30th June 2022 Parent
Gill Horne (Interim Headteacher) Observer
Chris Knight (Interim Headteacher) Observer



Governor's who have left within the last 12 months (updated 05.05.2017) - John Clayton (Parent Governor) - last term of office from 28.04.2015 - 05.07.2017.  Karen Price (Co-Opted) - last term of office from 31.08.2014 - 02.05.2017 .  Graham Price (Authority) - last term of office from 01.09.2014 - 02.05.2017.  Anthony Sargeant (Co-Opted, previously Chair of Governors) - last term of Office from 31.08.2014 - 09.11.2016.  Debbie Lincoln (Co-Opted) - last term of office from 31.08.2014 - 09.11.2016. 


The Governing Body is made up of:


Parent Governors: selected by election (or appointment if insufficient people stand for election) and drawn from parents and carers of children at the school

Staff Governors: selected by election from teaching and support staff paid to work at the school

Co-Opted Governors: appointed by the governing body to represent community interests

Authority Governors: appointed by the local authority


The purpose of having a governing body is to

  • help the school to set high standards by planning for the school's future and setting targets for school improvement
  • keep the pressure up on school improvement
  • be a critical friend to the school, offering support and advice
  • help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community
  • make the school accountable to the public for what it does
  • work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping the school under review
  • exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the headteacher and staff
  • not intervene in the day-to-day management of the school unless there are weaknesses in the school, when it then has a duty to take action.


The Finance and General Purpose Committee (F&GP) meet every month and the Full Governing Body meet once every Term. Committees (Curriculum, Health & Safety) meet regularly throughout the year (at least every term)


Current Committee Chair's

Curriculum Chair -               Rezarta Trstena

Premises                           Dorothy Palmer

F&GP Chair -                       Sarah Kushin

Safeguarding -                    Jackie Geary

SEND -                                Sharon Webster

GDPR -                               Andria Scantlebury





Instrument of Government



Code of Practice for Governing Body 17-18



   Governing Body Self Audit 2018-19


 Crownfield Junior School Governing Body Meeting Attendance

17 - 18

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