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What is the history?

We started the Christmas Productions in 1996 with 'A Christmas Carol', 'Oliver with a Twist ', 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'Mary Poppins' followed this first success.

When does the production take place?

The last full week of the Christmas term. The production takes place on two consecutive days. Most children will take part in the afternoon and evening performance on one of the two days. 

Will my child have a part?

All children take part - this means that they will either have a speaking role or they will sing a song with their class.

How are the speaking parts chosen?

We now aim to give a speaking part to just those children who would like one, not those who would not.

Is it just Y6 children who are given speaking parts?

No. Y6 have their own leavers' production in July of each year which is an opportunity for them alone to shine. The Christmas production is for the whole school and therefore speaking parts are drawn from every year.

Are there any star roles?

Yes: there are some roles that see children having a substantial amount to learn in terms of their lines. Because of the number of lines to learn, children with lead roles are usually drawn from Y6 or Y5, with the majority coming from Y6, simply because of the amount to learn. Those Y3 and Y4 children who have had a lead role in the past have been chosen carefully to ensure that they did not find the task too daunting.

How are the children chosen for lead roles?

Sometimes we draw upon the expertise of our teachers to advise us. For example, one year, 'Mary Poppins' and 'Bert' both had a solo song to sing, and so our music teacher  put forward the boy and girl whom he felt could best cope with singing solo in front of an audience - not an easy task for any child, especially when one of the songs contained the word 'Supercalafragilistic'!

Will there be a production next year?

We will do a Christmas production each and every year. That said, it gets more and more difficult each year to find sufficient time to rehearse. As you know the Prime Minister continues to talk about schools 'quite a bit' - setting us important challenges that take up a lot of time!

How many tickets will I receive?

Two tickets are given to each family for his/her guests. There can be no spare tickets, as we are limited by health and safety regulations in the number of people we can accommodate. Anyone arriving without a ticket is, I'm afraid, turned away.

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